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Short route description


You’ll enjoy a great variety of objectives during this one day tour: an Orthodox underground church founded by the Romanians ethnics forced to convert to the Catholic faith, a traditional and the oldest water mill of the Country of Fagaras, Fagaras Citadel, the best preserved citadel of the Eastern Europe, the ruins of the only Cistercian abbey still existing in Romania and, of course, the historical center of the city of Sibiu. In the end, the way back to Brasov.



After leaving your accommodation in Brasov, the way goes on DN1 that links Brasov to Sibiu, parallel with the Fagaras Mountains. The first stop will be at Sinca Veche Orthodox Complex where there is an Orthodox Cave Church, dug in the ground by the Orthodox Christians. The historians say the temple is unique in the world. It was used as a refugee place by the Orthodox monks hunted and forced to convert to the Catholic faith. At a small distance, in the nearby village, Ohaba, there is the oldest water mill, still working, of the Country of Fagaras. You can see the way in which it works and the hospitable owners will offer you a coffee or a tea. The next objective is the Fagaras Citadel, one of the greatest and well preserved citadels in Eastern Europe. Built between the 14th and 17th century, it had many destinations: princely residence, Citadel of the Throne, military garrison of the Austrian Army and after 1918, a Romanian army garrison, political prison (1950 – 1960) and today the museum of the County of Fagaras. Going on the way to Sibiu, the last break will be at Carta, where there is the only ruin of a Cistercian Monastery in Romania, dating from the first half of the 13thcentury.


At Sibiu, the main destination, you’ll visit the historical center of the most important settlement of the Transylvanian Saxons. The old walls and towers can be still seen nowadays. They surrounded the medieval city to protect it from the enemy invasions. The architecture, like in the other medieval cities of Transylvania, is a Western European one, a German architecture. The main attractions are, besides the pedestrian and narrow streets, characteristic for the old medieval cities: Piata Mare (the Great Square) with the Town hall and Brukental Museum, The Council Tower, on the top of which you can admire the whole view of the city, the Small Square, the Ursuline Nun’s Church, the Lies Bridge, the Evangelic Cathedral, the Orthodox Cathedral.

After all this full day activity, you’ll be led back home to Brasov, on the same way.

The main objectives

  • Leaving Braşov
  • Şinca Veche Monastery
  • Ohaba water mill
  • Făgăraş Citadel
  • Cârţa Cistercian Monastery ruins
  • Sibiu
  • Back to Braşov


1 pers. – 150 eur.

2 pers. – 80 eur./pers.

3 pers. – 60 eur./pers.

4 pers. – 50 eur./pers.


300 km long
About 10 hours

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