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Peles Castle and Targoviste

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This one day tour with departure and arriving in Brasov gives you the opportunity of visiting two special places in the former Wallachia: Sinaia and Targoviste. In Sinaia is Peles Castle, the Romanian Royal summer Residence till 1947 and in Targoviste, the former capital of Wallachia, other two objectives as different as historically important: the Princely Court, the well-known King Vlad Dracula’s residence and the place where the Ceausescu dictators were judged and executed.


Regarding the diversity of the relief too, from the mountain depression you cross the Carpathian Mountains from North to South to reach the flat land at Targoviste.
While traveling you will find out details and stories of the places you pass by as they all are full of history. At Sinaia you will visit the Peles Complex, made up of Peles and Pelisor Castles, the gardens and adjacently buildings. Here we will focus on the Royal Family history and the Peles Castle. Enjoy the architectural masterpieces.
As we arrive in Targoviste, the old Princely Court introduces you in the medieval atmosphere with the churches, ruins of what once was the capital of Wallachia, with Chindia Tower which can be visited. The well-known Prince Vlad Dracula ruled here, among others. You can learn from the guide details about the Prince’s life, what is myth and what is reality as well as other details of the old times.
In Targoviste also there is the ex-military base where in December 1989 the two dictators, the Ceausescu couple, were brought, kept in captivity, judged and then executed. This building is a museum currently. The execution by shooting place can also be seen, everything being unchanged. The guide will introduce you in the history of those hot days and in other aspects of the Romanian life and society during communism period.
The small historical town center itself of Targoviste is interesting, as much as it got rid of the unforgivable demolition of the communist system to be replaced by the apartment buildings and “worker’s buildings”.
After finishing this tour, everybody can have an idea about the Romanian’s history, of course broadly. The ones who are totally uninformed will receive some basic knowledge about the country they are visiting and probably stay here only for some days, while the more informed persons will find out details and could satisfy better the desire of knowledge.

The main objectives

  • Leaving Brasov
  • Peles and Pelisor Castles
  • The Princely Court of Targoviste
  • The Old Town of Targoviste
  • The Detention Museum of Ceausescu
  • Back to Brasov


1 pers. – 110 eur.

2 pers. – 60 eur./pers.

3 pers. – 50 eur./pers.

4 pers. – 40 eur./pers.

250 km long
About 9 hours

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