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Short tour description

Maramureș is one of the most beautiful and picturesque regions in Romania, thanks both to its gorgeous landscapes and to the population that has been living there for generations, leaving its traditional marks on architecture, especially in wood, customs and traditions. The people in Maramureș are still wearing their traditional costumes, there are still craftsmen sculpting in wood, traditional house-holds and unchanged customs lasting for hundreds of years.

Taking into consideration the multitude of attractions that are to be visited, such a tour lasts at least four days, including two days on the way and so remaining other two days really spent in the region. The tour can last more days, depending on how many time you commit for this journey.

My recommendation is for an accommodation at a local familly from Poienile Izei, the center of Maramureș, a place where you can feel the country life. The hosts are very friendly and you can be involved in various household activities like milking the cow, cooking etc. Of course, your hostess will prepare traditional dishes, the majority of the ingredients being their own products or local ones. Starting from this place we can reach most of the attractions as soon as possible, the village being situated in the middle of Maramureș.

The most important and interesting places to visit in this region are: the inside painted centuries-old churches, many of them included in UNESCO heritage; Bârsana Monastery; Botiza Monastery; 78 meters high Săpânța Monastery, the highest wooden church of the world; The Merry Cemetery of Săpânța; Mocănița on Vaserului Valley – a steam locomotive train; the Memorial Museum at Sighetul Marmației – an ex-comunist prison with the poor‘s cemetery; the Village Maramureș Museum; some wooden sculpture workshops and the list can continue.

For this tour the place of departure and arrival should not be necessarily Brașov, although it is desirable. It can be anywhere else on a 200 km radius from Brașov. For any details, don‘t hesitate to contact me on email or phone.

The main objectives

  • Memorial Museum from Sighetul Marmației
  • Village Museum from Sighetul Marmației
  • The Merry Cemetery of Săpânța
  • Săpânța Monastery
  • Mocănița on Vaserului Valley
  • Bârsana Monastery
  • Botiza Monastery
  • Wooden Churches UNESCO heritage


1-2 pers. – 120 euro/group/a day

2-3 pers. – 140 euro/group/a day





Guide accommodation

Parking fees



Tourists accommodation

Meals, drinks

Entrance tickets



It is recommended the accommodation should be at Poienile Izei guests. But, if you have other preference, you can find another accommodation (by booking.com or other specialized sites). Only the guide accommodation is included In the price.




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