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Braşov – the historical center

Short route description

There is a tour of the old city within Braşov Citadel, where you will see the defence walls, the gates of the city, the towers and strongholds etc. We will visit White Tower and Black Tower, from where the view of the city can be seen. We will olso enter in the ex-district lived by the Romanian ethnics, Şchei, with the Unirii (the Union) Square and the First Romanian School that can be visited. We will come back in the citadel where will visit the Weavers Stronghold with a very interesting scale model of the 17th century Braşov Citadel. We will walk also in the Sforii (Rope) Street, the narrowest Romanian street and we will visit the Urban Civilization Museum, a representative merchant house of the citadel turned into a museum. The next to be visited is the Black Church, the greatest Ghothic construction in the South-East of Europe with the biggest organ, the biggest bell (6 t) and the greatest collection of oriental carpets of Romania and the secont of Europe. In the end you will walk in the Sfatului Square – 0 km of the city – and Republicii Street, a walking way with medieval buildings and shops. This route is to be visited only by walking.

The main objectives

  • Sfatului Square
  • The Black Church
  • The Urban Civilization Museum
  • The Medieval Walls
  • The Black Tower
  • Unirii Square
  • The First Romanian School
  • Ecaterina Gate, Schei Gate
  • The Synagogue
  • The Rope Street


1-4 pers. – 60 euros/group

5-10 pers. – 90 euros/group

Entrances tickets NOT included.

About 4 hours

Tour Guide Brasov

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