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Why should you visit Romania?

Because it is one of the most beautiful and undiscovered countries in Europe and the world. Romania is not large but it has so much to offer, from summer fun along the Black Sea coast to winter ski trips at the Poiana Brașov resort or Prahova Valley. You can visit museums and go shopping in Bucharest, hike through breathtaking Carpathian Mountains, try paragliding and other extreme sports or restore your health at spa resorts and even in underground salt mines.

Romania is diverse geographically, with plains, mountains, rivers and even Danube Delta, unique in Europe. It has cold winters and hot summers and a rich history reflecting its location as a crossroads of Europe.

Today Romania is a proud member of NATO and the European Union, with a rapidly growing economy. Many visitors from Europe and the rest of the world have begun to discover its compelling sites, natural beauty, delicious food, friendly people and low prices. Romania is also a safe place to visit, with respect for religious and personal diversity.

Learn more on this website <http://romaniatourism.com/>.

Why should you visit Transylvania?

Because it is the jewel of Romania. It is gorgeous. It is historic. It is easy to visit, with great hotels, restaurants and attractions. Some people still think of Transylvania mainly as the home of Dracula. Well, it was the home of Vlad “Dracula”, which you can visit, but it’s so much more than that.

Perhaps the most fascinating thing about Transylvania is how it blends the traditions of the Saxons, Hungarians and others with its Romanian roots and other historical influences. You can spend many happy hours and days exploring Transylvania’s  churches, monasteries, castles, citadels and natural beauty, not to mention its night clubs, restaurants, adventure parks and sports.

Why should you visit Brașov?

Because it’s the tourist hub of Transylvania, offering easy access to all of its destinations in a city so breathtaking you may never want to leave. This website <http://romaniatourism.com/brasov.html> tells you more about its many attractions. Many of my guests choose to stay in Brașov, using it as their base for day trips. Others prefer to use it as the staring point for trips that include overnight stops in Sibiu, Sighișoara or other great places to visit and stay. I know all of the spots along the way, including several amazing destinations rarely visited by other tours or foreign guests.

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